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For Men and Women It Simply Come’s Down to this…
How Are You Planning To Spend The Prime of Your Life?

Bio-identical hormone therapy Palm Beach Gardens: The average woman will spend almost half of her life in some stage of the menopausal process. For most, the 30’s bring about minor alterations in the production of estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone that typically result in increased fatigue, mental fogginess, and abnormal fat storage in the lower abdomen, hips, and thighs. As hormone levels continue to decline, these symptoms will worsen, and along comes irregular periods, spotting, hot flashes, and mood swings. At some point in the 4th and 5th decades of life, the menstrual cycle stops (yay!) but the rest of the symptoms persist, and vaginal dryness, osteoporosis, and heart disease take its place. Most women would agree, this is no way to spend your “prime.”

The Perfect Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy

There is a solution

There is no method of treatment for menopausal symptoms that is more effective than hormone therapy. The symptoms of menopause are strictly a result of the age-related alterations in hormone production, leaving your body out of balance. It makes sense that the best way to solve that problem is to simply replace them. Unfortunately, it’s not quite that simple.

Hormones are chemical substances produced in our bodies that travel to appropriate target tissues, bind to them, and create an effect. That is a very modest sentence that describes a highly intricate system within the human body that, in all honesty, many people, some medical professionals included, simply don’t understand. Nearly every bodily function is controlled in some way by a particular hormone, and the process of hormonal control has so many steps involved that it is so easy for the process to go haywire. This is why the process of hormone replacement needs to identically mimic the body’s natural process.

Meet Bio-identical hormone therapy

Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy, or natural hormone therapy, involves the administration of hormones that are identical in molecular structure to the hormones produced in the body. Put simply, your body can’t tell the difference between bio-identical hormones and the hormones produced by your ovaries. These bio-identical hormones “blend in,” traveling through the body, binding to receptor sites, and effectively making up for what your body is lacking. And because bio-identical hormones are metabolized the same way as your body’s hormones, they can be measured more precisely via laboratory testing.

Bioidentical hormones are available in several forms, so you have the ability to select the method of administration you are most comfortable with. You will be able to review your treatment options with your bioidentical hormone replacement doctor at your visit.

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Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy for Men and Women
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